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Document Management Services, is usually known as DMS, is combination of a Computer System and Software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information which captured through a professional document scanner.
Document Management is How your organisation stores and able to manage & tract that stores documents.

Let’s see How Document Management as Services works?

In simply terminology: It captures Documents > Stores Documents > Distribute as per needs

Capture Documents:

Document Management System has to capture documents from almost any sources.
Which means it can be captured from…

  • Paper Documents: Via professional Document Scanner
  • Email: Email is life of any business now-a-days – hence email messages and their attachments
  • System Generated Reports: Business generated email – specially for warehouses & sales
  • Any applications: applications like CRM & ERP

Stores Documents:

After capturing documents from various sources, need to store them so than we can retrieve whenever required.

Should stores captured documents at central level. Cause in today’s world and visualize future expansion / growth the company, any employee of the organisation can access authorised documents with permission from remote locations.

Distributions of Documents:

Once documents captured and stores at central locations what is necessaries is retrieval. This is key parameter of Document Management Services. If we are not able to distribute or retrieve the way organisation wants the whole system is useless.

To do combination of all this – required Process and workflow management.

Electronic Document Management:

Is your company interested to manage papers digitally?

Is your company like to store documents centrally and would like to share that access?

If yes, Electronic Document Management (EDM) is may be the answer for your company.
Now, Let’s look at the options available for EDM

Digital Storage: A simple EDM offers a central digital storage, search and retrieve your digital document / information. This can be hosted at your premises or on the cloud – depends on what suits your organisation.

Workflow & authorisation: Workflow rules will enable your documents to be automated to go specific person or group of persons.

Security: Documents are secured and updated by version to version changes – it helps to legal & contractual documents. Not only this it can be access to only those group of people who has authorisation.

Reason to go digitally:

  • Find Important information / document faster – just tapping few keys.
  • Increase your office spac
  • More secured – Only authorise person can have access to view information

If your organisation manages projects at multiple locations, dealing with external contractor and supplier, then you are in need of this kind of solution to share / communicate with them for smooth transactions.

Outsource – Process:

  • Don’t want to invest energy to digitise documents?
  • Don’t want to buy machines to digitise?
  • Don’t have experts who can able to convert papers into digital format?

No need to worry – Your company can outsource whole process where you don’t have to invest in man-power or into machines or even don’t have to bother for experts. Just click on below links and have information on your email. Multiple options available to complete this tedious job smoothly.

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